‘Faithfulness to the Inward Guide lifts us free of the desire for personal success, or for revenge, or for control over the world around us. Such faithfulness opens the possibility that we might become, as our spiritual ancestors were, a band of what I have come to call everyday prophets. Everyday prophets are a people who listen for the Voice of the Light, who might walk humbly even as they come to speak boldly, following the path of compassion and justice. “Margery Post Abbott"

Margery Post Abbott,
2016 Backhouse Lecture, delivered July 2016,
at Yearly Meeting, Hobart Tasmania.

Margeret Whittle
Peri Coleman
Sally O'Wheel
The simple Quaker tool of silence can unblock our hearts and allow the deepest part of us to be expressed.

Margaret Whittle
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..the carbon that’s buried in a salt marsh can’t escape. Once it’s buried, it’s essentially locked up for 100 years or more.....

Peri Coleman
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...care for my back yard, expresses my relationship with God as much as my attendance at Meeting for Worship.&. political actions...

Sally O'Wheel
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Sanctuary for asylum seekers

Five Quaker Meeting Houses -- in Canberra, Sydney and Perth -- have agreed to offer Sanctuary for the 267 asylum seekers who have been brought to Australia for medical treatment and are about to be returned to Nauru. The Australian Churches Refugee Taskforce advises that there are now 6 cathedrals and 44 churches from 9 denominations, across 8 states and territories who have formally offered sanctuary and many more who are working through their logistics.

Australia Yearly Meeting in Hobart

AYM Epistle 2016

 Dear Friends,
One hundred and eighty-two years ago James Backhouse and George Washington Walker came to Hobart Town with a concern for the just treatment of convicts and Aborigines. This week we have come from all States and Territories of Australia and beyond to meet at The Friends’ School, Hobart.
Winter School asked us:
“How can our faith and action inspire?”
The State of the Society address asked us to consider:
“How has the Spirit moved through me this last year?”
As a Yearly Meeting we face challenges and changes. The most evident this year was the change to a winter YM.    the complete Epistle as a downloadable pdf

Quakers highlight dissent, courage and conscience in World War 1 exhibition

Dissent and opposition to the war, and to preparations for the war, are highlighted in a World War 1 centenary exhibition entitled 'World War 1: Quaker witness to peace and nonviolence'. The exhibition was first presented at the Quaker Meeting House in Surry Hills, Sydney, as part of NSW History Week in 2014 and will now tour Regional Meetings , click here......