Welcome to the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers) in Australia

                                                             Quakers are not ‘for peace’ but rather know, in the deepest sense of the word,
                                                                                that peace is a holy imperative as part of a just society.
                                                                                   Ben Pink Dandelion, in Celebrating the Quaker Way  


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**About us*

This website is a resource for members and attenders of Australia Yearly Meeting, as well as for those wishing to learn more about Quakers in Australia. If you are new to Quakers and want to know more about our basic beliefs visit our Enquirers site.

The Religious Society of Friends is commonly referred to as Quakers. It consists of the members of the Society and many others who worship with us and are involved with us. Quakers believe that everyone has a direct connection with God, which some call the 'inner light' or ‘Spirit'. Each Quaker seeks their own path with the support of the group. We try to clarify our beliefs by careful consideration, listening to the Spirit within us, listening to others and reading the wisdom of others. Although our origins are Christian we are open to many ideas. We are committed to working for equality and peace and believe firmly in religious tolerance.

Our newest video: Why Am I a Quaker? focuses on being Quaker and through interviews with five Australian Friends, considers what Quaker community means to them. It is available on our Quakers Australia YouTube channel.

All are welcome to join us.


**Quakers and COVID-19**

During COVID-19, most Friends around Australia have been meeting online. As restrictions ease in some places, some Friends are now meeting in person. This sometimes changes from week to week. You can find more information about how Friends are currently meeting (for worship, for singing, for poetry, for walking, etc.) by visiting the relevant Regional Meeting page and contact the Clerk to find out what's happening in your region.


**Online Meetings for Worship**

To find the details for nation-wide and international Meetings for Worship, visit the  Meetings for Worship page.


Image: Walls of Jerusalem National Park, Tasmania, Emily Chapman-Searle


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