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Australian Friend Committee

publishes The Australian Friend, our official quarterly journal.


The Australian Friend Committee publishes the Australian Friend both online and in print on a quarterly basis. The Committee is appointed at Yearly Meeting under the care of a Regional Meeting. The editor (or co-editors) comes from that committee itself, or not, as the committee decides.

The purpose of The Australian Friend is to keep Friends in touch with activities of the Society and each other, to share spiritual insights and practical Concerns and to stimulate awareness of the wider witness of Quakers in Australia and beyond.

The Australian Friend is published on-line on the first Monday of March, June, September and December each year at  It is also available as a printed journal, free to members of Australia Yearly Meeting, and on subscription to others.  PDF versions of the printed version can be accessed by clicking on "Past editions" in the dark blue strip near the top of this page.

We welcome contributions (articles, photos, poems, drawings) which are consistent with the purpose of The Australian Friend. Contact us through the form on the website. Articles should be attached as Word documents and generally should not exceed 1500 words. We like to have a photograph of the author (head and shoulders), as well as other photographs relevant to the article.  Further information for contributors is available at

Articles in the September 2022 issue of The Australian Friend  include:
  • Hope for asylum seekers
  • Refugee support: keeping connected, sustaining hope
  • Direct recruitment from refugee camps: global workforce an addition to humanitarian aid
  • Quaker Values Committee of The Friends' School
  • Practising a New Covenant life in an Old Covenant world
  • Know thy Friend: Adrian Glamorgan
  • QSA Notes: Evaluations: essential to understanding the real impact of our projects
  • A story to tell: The kindness of strangers
  • Intervisitation holds us together: a reflection for World Quaker Day
  • Reflections about the VRM Pod set up for Yearly Meeting 2022
  • On "Holding the Meeting in the Light"