Children & Junior Young Friends Committee

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Committee Members

Introducing the Committee members - 2017 -2020

Lisa Wriley (NSWRM)

My name is Lisa Wriley. I am the mother of James Wright, a Young Friend and Samuel Wright, a JYF.

We have been regular attenders of Yearly Meeting. We have also been to the British Yearly Meeting in Bath in 2014. I became a member of The Religious Society of Friends in 2014 and belong to Wahroonga Meeting and the small Central Coast Worshipping group in NSW.

I hope to help continue the work of those who have come before me that includes Children and Young people in the life of Quakers, nurtures their spiritual development, provides a safe place for asking the big questions, making friends, putting their faith in action through service and supports families - whether this happens at local groups, regional level or nationally.

I think the wider community needs to hear more from Quakers of all ages.


Josh Crane (VRM)

Hey! My name's Josh Crane and I come from eastern Victoria. I’ve been a Quaker since birth and have participated in many Quaker activities as well as the majority of yearly meetings. I have joined the committee alongside Miri as representatives of the JYF cohort. I would like to provide input into the planning of activities in accordance to the wishes of the JYF’s. 


Miriam Hope (VRM)

My name is Miriam. I have been a JYF since 2017 and have been loving all of the camps I have been on. I have been a Quaker all my life and both of my parents are Quakers. I have a brother Caleb who is also a JYF and two sisters Sally and Kianna who are not JYFs but both have been involved with Quakers. I am a dancer and gymnast and I am training to be a gymnastics coach. I have been vegetarian since I was 8 and have been vegan since I was 11. I also have a concern about the environment. On this committee I hope to achieve the continuation of camps for JYFs.


Alex Brosnan (TRM)

My name is Alex Brosnan and I am representing the Young Friends on the AYM Childrens' and JYF Committee. I grew up as a child, then JYF and currently a YF of the Hobart Local Meeting and have been actively involved in facilitating the childrens' program in Hobart. Some of my best memories in Quakers occured whilst I was a Junior Young Friend at Yearly Meeting, so I  hope my own experiences can offer some insight for the future direction of Committee's programs Australia-wide. I also bring insight from my role on the AYM Child Protection Committee. I think it's important to foster and maintain a relationship between the younger and older generations within Quakers, as the youth are the future of the Society.

I think we are particularly lucky to be living in an age in which technology renders distance no longer an issue in maintaining these friendships around Australia. This definitely aids the Committee in creating an interconnectedness at both the local and national meeting levels across Australia.