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Invitation to apply to be a Visiting Friend

Invitation to Be a Visiting Friend from the Asia-West Pacific Section of QWCC, to Australia Yearly Meeting

Australian Friends gather each year for their Yearly Meeting for Worship for Business. They also gather for learning, sharing and living in Quaker community for a week. 

In previous years, we have invited a Friend, known as our Visiting Friend, from the Asia-West Pacific Section of FWCC. The intention of the Friend’s visit is to increase the links between Australian Quakers and other Friends in the AWPS region.

In 2021, Sanjeev Shukla was able to join Yearly Meeting via Zoom. The picture above is of an 'opening' celebrating the breaking of new ground for the construction of a new classroom at Friends Girls School Sohagpur held on 17th November. 

Once Covid-19 restrictions are relaxed we hope to invite applications from interested Friends who will be asked to:

  • participate in the Yearly Meeting
  • give a presentation to Australian Friends sharing their Quakerism, Quaker community and culture
  • travel to other parts of Australia to share with Quakers