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World Quaker Day 2 October 2022: Becoming the Quakers the World Needs.

World Quaker Day is an annual event where we celebrate the diversity of Quakerism around the world and build connections to make our community stronger.

This year, every Friends Church or Meeting is encouraged to send or receive visitors to or from another Quaker group, to bring greetings, build relationships and share ideas.

Intervisitation today is the easiest it has ever been, with many Quakers meeting online or in hybrid form. To make it even easier, sign up online and we can share details of Quaker groups especially hoping for visitors on the day. Alternatively you might like to visit in person, which we can also help with.

If you would like to be part of World Quaker Day 2022, either by visiting another Quaker group or welcoming Friends to yours, please sign up using this form.

You can download the World Quaker Day poster here.

Find out more: #WQD

More information can be found via Twitter: (with a wonderful youtube video)



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