Handbook Revision Committee

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Handbook Revision Committee

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reviews our Handbook of Practice and Procedure in the light of Yearly Meeting decisions.


The Handbook Revision Committee ensures that decisions made at YM are reflected in the Handbook of Practice and Procedure. It receives suggested amendments from AYM Committees or Regional Meetings and brings them to a Yearly Meeting for decision and possible inclusion. It also maintains oversight of the contents of the Handbook and offers updates or requests them from the appropriate body, such as QSA, the Friends’ School or an AYM Committee. The Committee works to find the right balance between practice and guidance.

The Handbook Revision Committee works proactively to review the Handbook, to ensure is is up-to-date and accurately reflects not only our current practices, but the underlying principles which guide us in our actions and discernment. All draft revisions are subject to the discernment of Friends at Yearly Meeting and remain draft until approved by this body. However, earlier drafts may be circulated to obtain comments from Friends and to guide the Committee in what it brings forward to YM.

Here is a link to our Handbook of practice and procedure. It has been updated to reflect revisions approved by YM18.

Current members of the Handbook Revision Committee are Elizabeth Field, Jennifer Burrell, and Wies Schuiringa. Their 3-year term finishes at YM19.

YM18 established Regional Meeting Liaison Friends for the Handbook Revision Committee. Handbook Revision Committee Liaison Friends (7).pdf

Here is a link to the draft revisions being discerned by the HRC and Liaison Friends: Handbook for web 1.pdf

This draft, which is still being reviewed, incorporates comments by Regional Meetings and changes requested by various organisations and Committees, e.g. Friends School. Regional Meetings are invited to consider this draft, noting that syntax, grammar, numbering and other checks will be made prior to publication. Regional Meeting comments on items for Quakerly discernment should be given to their Liaison Friend.

All changes will be brought forward to YM19 for final approval. A full draft will be attached to the HRC report in Documents in Advance.