Handbook Revision Committee

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Committee Members (appointed by AYM as having specialised understanding of the Handbook):

Michael Corbett from QRM, Julie Walpole from TRM (Convener), Ron Martin from VRM (all to 2025)  We trust that term ends will actually be staggered for reasons of continuity.


Liaison Friends:

(These Friends are appointed by their Regional Meetings to assist with preparation/review of the proposed wording of updates to the Handbook). Their role is described in this Position description document.

Current HBR Liaison Friends are:

CRQ Michael Searle and Vidya (Both to 2024); NSWRM Liz Field (to YM25); QRM Roger Sawkins; SANTRM Peri Coleman; VRM Josh Crane (to Dec 2023) Judy Still (to 2025).
We communicate with TRM and WARM through their Clerks.