Handbook Revision Committee

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Drafts under consideration

As we produce draft sections for Friends' consideration and comment, they are added here.  Friends are asked to send comments and questions via their Meeting's Liaison Friend/s (see committee page) or RM clerks. We hope that we will have agreed versions of these sections before YM21.

Image shows three columns of digital text with editing, crossing out etc and sections in different colours.Drafts are shown with the current text at the left, revised text in the middle column with the changes in red and explanatory comments in the third column.

It will be useful for other Friends, and the Handbook Revision Committee to know why you are in unity with the proposed entry, or what hesitancy arises in your meeting. Thus, in responding, please explain your reasons, your understandings and the knowledge that guided your discernment outcomes? (AND  indicate to which version you are responding.) Some of these explanations may be included in our updates in order to help Friends discern their own responses.

Image source: Files of AYM Handbook Revision Committee

At YM 2020 there was no unity about several matters.  Redrafts of three of those for Documents in Advance are now available. (updated 10 March)

We offer redrafts of 3 other sections which we found to be inaccurate/incomplete/confusing or missing:

We will hold our YM 21 Explanatory Meeting on April 11th at 4:00 p.m. AEST. This will enable interrested Friends to clarify and better understand our report in Documents in Advance.