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Children and Junior Young Friend (JYF) Coordinator Job Description

Children’s and Junior Young Friend (JYF) Coordinator

for Australia Yearly Meeting (AYM)


Seeking Expressions of Interest


Children and Junior Young Friend (JYF) Coordinator
Job Description




From 'This We Can Say' entry 2.69 

Do you value the children in your meeting and help make them feel they are welcome? 

Do you seek opportunities to involve children actively in every aspect of the life of the meeting? Are you open to the ministry of children of all ages, however it may be expressed? 

Children's Committee, Australia Yearly Meeting 1996 



AYM is seeking Expressions of Interest from committed Quakers to take on the Children and JYF Coordinator role for up to 2 years, coordinating activities and resources related to Children and Junior Young Friends’ (from birth to 17 years of age) worship and spirituality, in local and Regional Meetings, gatherings and Yearly Meeting. 


History of the Role 

The Coordinator will replace Wilma Davidson who has been the Children and JYF Coordinator since 2016, continuing the work begun by Jenny Turton in 2014. This role was created in response to a concern among Australian Friends that we were not adequately nurturing the spiritual lives of our younger Friends. Australian Friends have appreciated Wilma and Jenny’s important work and wish it to continue and the role to keep evolving. 


Objectives of the Role 

·         Improve access to information and resources for local and recognised Meetings so that children and JYFs can be more fully included in worship and community. 

·         Foster communication and sharing of ideas and skills between Regional Meetings to develop opportunities for greater inclusion of children and JYFs in Quaker practice 

·         Work directly with the JYF community to support participation, leadership, service and a gentle transition into Young Friends. 

·         Supporting the volunteers who plan and deliver Children & JYF programs at Yearly Meeting, acting as guardian of the evolving resources and tools used each year. 


The Children and JYF Coordinator will build on the relationships and outcomes established by the previous Coordinators, as well as discerning new directions and priorities identified in consultation with local, Regional and Yearly Meetings – and the Children & JYF Committee. 



AYM Committee Roles: Member of the AYM Planning Support Committee.



How will it be done? 

Work will be face to face where possible. When invited the Co-ordinator/s will visit each Regional Meeting – at a mutually agreed time - ideally at a time when there is a children’s and/or JYF program planned, that they can participate in. 


Regional meetings are asked to discern in which area they would most like support and communicate this to the Children & JYF Co-ordinator. 


Phone calls, emails, zoom or skype meetings and writing articles for Regional Meeting and the Secretary’s Newsletters will share stories and ideas about ways Children & JYF’s are being included in the life of the Local, Regional and Yearly meetings. 


The Co-ordinator is encouraged to meet with a Support Group or Mentor to help maintain a work life balance as this role could easily be much bigger than it is funded to be. The Committee is open to the idea of this role being shared and the tasks and hours split. 



Role of the Children & JYF Committee and the relationship with the Co-ordinator 

The Children and JYF Committee currently meets monthly via Zoom (on the evening of the First Friday) and communicates through emails and phone calls, between members of the Committee who are all over Australia. 


The Co-ordinator submits a report to the Committee on the previous month’s work and plans for the coming month, including updates on ongoing projects. 


The Co-ordinator joins the committee meeting every second month or as agreed by the Committee or requested by the Co-ordinator. 


In the alternate month, the Co-ordinator will have a phone meeting with one or two representatives of the committee (mostly likely one of the Co-Convenors). 


Coordinator Management 

·         The Children & JYF Coordinator will work in consultation with 2 nominated members of the AYM Children and JYF Committee. 

·         The Children & JYF Coordinator, in conjunction with the AYM Children and JYF Committee, will report to Standing Committee (January) and to Yearly Meeting (July) on work that has been undertaken, problems that have arisen and questions that require discussion and discernment from the wider Quaker community. 

·         The AYM Children’s & JYF Coordinator will be in regular contact with the Children’s Committee or Children’s coordinator in each Regional Meeting to distribute relevant news and information. 

·         It is recommended that the Children & JYF Co-ordinator also meet with a support group or mentor (as mentioned above). 



Office Location 

The Children’s Coordinator will work from his/her own premises. A computer and printer can be provided if necessary. 




·         Good communication skills (written and verbal) 

·         Experience working with children and young people in a faith community Knowledge of AYM Child Protection Policies & Procedures Working with Children Check (or equivalent) for relevant state Quaker Clearance to Work with Children 

·         Commitment to advocating for and with young people 

·         Comfortable with collaborative leadership 

·         Good organisational and time management skills 

·         A sense of humour and an adventurous spirit! 



The Children’s Coordinator will be paid a fixed amount of $12,600 for the 12-month period (this will be adjusted in line with the CPI each year), paid in monthly instalments ($1050) upon receipt of an invoice. A travel allowance of $500 and a phone/internet allowance of $500, are also provided – and will be reimbursed upon provision of receipts. The Committee also has a budget to cover costs of stationery and other costs related to approved projects (approx. $3000). It is hoped that where possible Regional Meetings will share or cover the travel costs of the Co-ordinator when they visit for organised workshops, gatherings or consultation. 


Requirements for Expression of Interest 

·         A response must include the following: 

·         A cover letter with your contact details including your postal address, email, mobile and home telephone numbers 

·         A current CV relevant to the role (no more than 2 pages) 

·         A written description of your experience with children’s spirituality including caring for Quaker children in a worship context (no more than 1 page) 

·         A written reflection on your philosophy for the role of Children and JYFs in a Quaker community (no more than 1 page) 

·         Evidence of computer and online skills, including web and social media skills if you have them. 

·         Evidence of a working with children check or equivalent for your state 

·         Confirmation that you are approved through the Quaker process to work with children. 

·         The contact details of at least two referees, one of which will be a member of your local Quaker meeting. 


Term of the role 

The role is initially for a fixed period of 12 months, with a review after 6 months. The option of extending the contract for more than 12 months will be subject to successful review and to funds being available. 


Questions about the scope or responsibilities of the Coordinator can be directed to Lisa Wriley (Co-Convenor of the AYM Children and JYF Committee) 0429 431 889


Submissions can be emailed with subject: Children & JYF Coordinator Position EOI, to


            Children & JYF Committee 

            Religious Society of Friends (Quakers) in Australia 

            Phone: 0429 431 889

            Email: cchildrenjyf@quakersaustralia.info 

            Website: https://www.quakersaustralia.info/ 

                Submissions must be received no later than 5pm, Friday 1 March 2019 

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