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Former Sudanese child soldier now a “soldier for peace”

David Nyuol Vincent at the Course

In the late 1980s David Nyuol Vincent (left) was in a Sudanese refugee camp and being trained by the Sudanese Peoples Liberation Army as a child soldier.  He escaped this future after the camp was bombed and he was thought to be dead.  He now lives in Australia, is rebuilding his life and has dedicated his life to building peace, particularly in South Sudan.  Read more of this extraordinary life here.

Victoria Regional Meeting and the Peace and Social Justice Fund recently supported his attendance at the Building Leadership Capacity for National Dialogue and Peace Mediation course conducted by Swisspeace and the Berghof Institute in Bern, Switzerland.  Check out this interview where David talks about this course and his hopes for the future.

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Monday, 13 May 2019 - 2:05pm