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Supported projects

This page summarises projects the Fund has supported.

Promotion of the United Nations Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons

The International Campaign against Nuclear Weapons (ICAN) Australia and The Women's International League for Peace and Freedom (WILPF) Australia hosted a stall at the Australian Local Government Association National General Assembly in Canberra during June 2021 to build awareness within Mayors and Councillors of this Treaty.  The Fund provided $5000 to support this stall.  The Assembly unanimously passed a motion calling on Australia to sign and ratify the Treaty.

Read their report here: ICAN WILPF report on stall to promote UN Treaty on Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons

Opposition to the Land Forces Expo, Brisbane

Brisbane Quakers, in collaboration with a number of Peace and Social Justice groups, worked to raise public awareness and opposed the weapons expo by nonviolent actions.  Information was disseminated and onsite demonstrations took place over the expo period outside the Convention Centre and Brisbane based weapons companies.  The Fund provided $5000 towards their costs.

Two Friends were arrested during a silent witness outside the global arms manufacturer, Thales and faced court.  Read an account here.

Support for First Nations People from Yuendumu

The Fund agreed to contribute $2500 towards the cost of providing lunch time food and water for around 150 Warlpiri people from Yuendumu (300km west of Alice Springs) holding a vigil outside the Alice Springs court house during the murder trial of a police officer who shot an aboriginal teenager.  The trial will be live streamed from Darwin.  The COVID pandemic has delayed this trial.

Australian Quaker Peace videos - Let your Lives Speak

Three Friends applied for funding to produce 2 short pilot audio-visual programs about the history of Quakers and peacemaking in Australia, and the principles of nonviolent direct action.  The Fund agreed to provide up to $5550 for this project.

Read their interim report here. 07 Let Your Lives Speak Video Project Interim Report to Peace & Social Justice Fund 2021 11 26.pdf

Creation of the Raising Peace website

The Fund granted $3000 to cover the costs of the creation and 2 years maintenance of the Raising Peace website.  This website was part of a week-long event which coincided with the United Nations International Day of Peace on 21 September 2021.  Many peace organisations participated in this event held in Redfern, New South Wales.

Visit the Raising Peace website.

Support to establish a Children's Peace Library at Pati, Indonesia

The Peace Place at Pati, Indonesia is a place to practice building a culture of peace.  Friends Peace Teams - Asia West Pacific applied for assistance to acquire equipment and books to develop a children's peace library at the Peace Place.  The Fund agreed to provide $2500 towards this project.

Support for the Counselling Men Project

A Queensland Friend was providing free in-depth counselling to marginalised men who could not afford regular services and were in danger of suicide.  In an attempt to secure the future of this service, the Fund provided $7000 to seek professional guidance in creating an embryotic, viable organisation that will continue to meet this social need.