QSA Linkages Committee

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Quaker Service Australia Linkages Committee

 supports the QSA Management Committee through developing an understanding of the projects and wider institutional frameworks in which it is working.


The Quaker Service Australia Linkages Committee is a committee appointed by the QSA Management Committee which:

Advises the QSA Management Committee on strengthening links between Regional Meetings and the Management Committee;

Assists the QSA Management Committee in maintaining and developing links between Regional Meetings and the sub-committee;

Receives the Annual Report with full audited statement, Management Committee minutes and project reports as soon as possible after the Management Committee meetings;

Supports and promotes the work of QSA within their Regional Meeting and the wider community through information sharing and interactive engagement;

Works with the Management Committee and AYM to determine the Terms of Reference for any QSA review

Participates in strategic planning processes.

Participates in an appropriate level of development sector training provided by the QSA office.

The Committee is a committee of the QSA Management Committee which appoints one person nominated by each Regional Meeting.

Thus the Committee is not technically a Committee of Quakers Australia, but is closely connected.