Right Holding of Yearly Meeting Committee

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Right Holding of Yearly Meeting Committee

Friends at Yearly Meeting 2015

is assessing the effects of changing our annual meeting from January to July and whether future changes should be considered.


The Yearly Meeting Minute 17.48 asked our Committee to consider the following matters:

1.  Feedback from the annual surveys that have been held after each meeting.

2.  Information on the number and range of participants, accommodation options and impact on Young Friends, Junior Young Friends and children’s programs.

3. The impact of the change on the administrative aspects of YM (financial, reporting, etc.)

4. The view of Regional Meetings about hosting, and especially from Tasmania Regional Meeting about their experiences of hosting more often.

The committee has been considering these questions and talking with others within our Yearly Meeting to find out more about the impact of the our change of date of our annual Yearly Meeting, and to scope other changes which Friends may wish to implement.
We  are bringing some recommendations forward to YM19, which are based on input from every Regional Meeting in the 2018-19 Quaker year, and from YM18. All RM responses have been collated into a 'matrix', which has enabled the committee to draw out themes from Friends across Australia. Please view the matrix here Revised Matrix from Summary 16042019.pdf
We anticipate holding more workshops to collate Friends' views on our suggestions over the coming year 2019-2020. We hope to be able to bring final recommendations to YM20.