Right Holding of Yearly Meeting Committee

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Right Holding of Yearly Meeting Committee

Friends at Yearly Meeting 2015

(laid down at YM 2020) assessed the effects of changing our annual meeting from January to July and whether future changes should be considered.


The Committee no longer exists, having been laid down at YM 2020.
It's purpose was:
Actively seek input from Friends across Australia in a variety of ways (including workshops and surveys) about:
   a. the purpose and future of Yearly Meeting gatherings
   b. ideas about alternative models
   c. current challenges
Collate and discern the relevance of information about the practices of some other comparable Quaker gatherings Testing and further discernment
Develop alternative models which may suit Australia Yearly Meeting better than our present practices. This would include:
   a. The conduct of business of the Society, including using electronic methods
   b. The timing, regularity, format and location of Australia Yearly Meeting gatherings
   c. The conduct of trials and pilot programs of some systems or processes.
Report findings and progress to Standing Committee and Yearly Meeting.

This Committee was laid down at Yearly Meeting July 2020.

The committee has been considering these questions and talking with others within our Yearly Meeting to find out more about the impact of the our change of date of our annual Yearly Meeting, and to scope other changes which Friends may wish to implement.
We anticipate holding more workshops to collate Friends' views on our suggestions over the coming year 2019-2020. We hope to be able to bring final recommendations to YM20.