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Safe Quaker Community Committee

...making sure our Meetings are places where every one's spiritual journey is nourished.


The Safe Quaker Community Committee consists of a convenor and two committee members, that with assistance from the Quakers Australia (QA) Coordinator, are responsible for:

- Providing support to Regional Meeting (RM) Safe Quaker Community Contact Friends in carrying out their roles

- Regular review of AYM Safe Quaker Community Policy and Procedures

- Ensuring that the Policy and Procedures are up-to-date and consistent with the Handbook of Practice and Procedure

- Reporting annually on Safe Quaker Community activities 

- Supporting Regional Meetings to meet their Safe Quaker Community responsibilities.

Australian Friends recognise a duty of care for everyone involved with the Society, and an obligation to uphold Quaker traditions and testimonies as durable foundations for treating everyone with dignity and respect.  We recognise that we cannot be complacent in this matter by relying on our commitment to integrity, and loving, trusting, respectful relationships among our members and attenders.  AYM has appointed the Safe Quaker Community Committee to support Friends to:
  • Provide a safe environment for all
  • Promote a sustaining healthy relationship between people
  • Provide appropriate support and assistance for persons 
  • Challenge violence, oppression, discrimination and abuse
  • Express our faith and principles in action and
  • Provide an environment which is conducive to these aims.