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Who are we?

While all Friends are responsible for nurturing healthy relationships, AYM has appointed three Friends to the Safe Quaker Community Committee.  The role of the committee is to:

  • support SQC Contact Friends,
  • advise Regional Meetings and
  • conduct biennial workshops available to all SQC Contact Friends.

SQC Contact Friends are appointed in each Regional Meeting, their role is to listen, support and explore courses of action if a person is feeling abused, unsafe, or sexually, physically or emotionally harassed or bullied.

  • To find your local SQC Contact Friends, there will be a poster in your regular meeting place that lists the contact details of the SQC Contact Friends appointed for your Regional Meeting.  
  • To contact the SQC Contact Friend in your Regional Meeting, go here to find a complete list of all SQC Contact Friends, with all contact information.