Website Monitoring Committee

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Website Monitoring Committee

reviews our various websites and social media to ensure accuracy and consistency.


The Websites Monitoring Committee monitors the content of the Quakers Australia websites and those of other Australian Quaker groups and makes recommendations to each website maintainer regarding changes that may need to be made which may improve the coherence and quality of Quaker representation online.
The Committee:

Checks all parts of all the websites on a regular basis for inappropriate, contradictory and outdated content and advises those responsible.

Is a central collecting point for suggestions from Friends for changes and additions to the websites.

Recommends changes to the design and content of the websites to the Australia Yearly Meeting Secretary, Publications Committee and/or Web Maintainers.

If the Secretary, in consultation with the Publications Committee, decides that particular changes need to be made or a particular section of a website should be taken off-line, arranges for the necessary changes to be carried out.

Monitors some of the statistical information about users of the websites to see if their effectiveness can be improved and/or changes made to assist users.

The Committee is an 'expert' committee in terms of the Handbook.

It is hoped to establish the committee at Yearly Meeting in July 2018.