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Disrupt Land Forces 2021

The Land Forces conference took place in Brisbane 1-3 June 2021. The Land Forces exposition is an international industry event to showcase equipment, technology and services for the armies of Australia and the Indo-Asia-Pacific. 

Disrupt Land Forces is a collective of actions that Friends in Queensland, along with other peace organisations, are supporting.

To learn more about this campaign visit the website ( or Facebook page (

Update 20/6/21:

During Land Forces (1-3 June 2021) Friends were actively involved in dispruting the event in many different ways including vigils, hunger strikes and blocking access to buildings.

Image credits: Jason McLeod, Valerie Joy, : Amy Burns MP FB page

Update 20/5/21: 

Dear Friends, we are moving rapidly towards the final week of our Disrupt Land Forces campaign, here in Brisbane.  Over the past 6 months the Quaker contingent of this now robust and varied collective, has been instrumental in raising increased public awareness, culminating in a Festival of Resistance that will commence on Friday 28th May with the lighting of a sacred fire and sharing First Nations story and song. The subsequent 6 days will be interspersed with workshops, including David Johnson's "Quaker and Christian Spirituality of Nonviolence", mass rallies at the Brisbane Convention Centre, smaller nonviolent direct actions at various weapons companies and a Peace Concert, just to name a few events.  We ask Friends around Australia to hold us in the light, as we seek to discern where and how the Spirit is asking us to be holders of, and actors within, this vital space of nonviolent resistance and peacemaking.  The following sites will provide further information especially the live-feeds from weapons companies actions over the past 6 months and what is to come.  These entities can also be found on Facebook.



On this page you can dowload 

  • Information flyer about the Stop Land Forces campaign
  • A sample letter and template to guide your own letter writing
  • Fact Sheet on Thales (a major weapons company world wide and here in Australia)