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Email addresses and abbreviated URLs

By clicking on the links on the left you can find out about:

  • The Quaker email addresses, and
  • The way in which people can go direct to a Regional Meeting or Committee website page.

Quaker email addresses

The email addresses can be used to contact the Officers bearers, Committees and Meetings mentioned. If you have any problems or do not get a response from your email, please contact the individual who currently holds the position to check they received it. For other problems, contact

The email addresses are not case-sensitive – they are shown here in mixed case to indicate the structure of the address.

Note that there are "Group" email addresses for contacting all RM Clerks, Newsletter editors, Web Maintainers and AYM Committees.

Website abbreviations

Our website address for publicity purposes is This provides information for enquirers and others who know little about Quakers. It has a link to our main website for those who wish to know more.

The main website is which has extensive information about Quakers in Australia. It can be used to access the pages for each Regional and Local Meeting and each AYM Committee.

However, there are also versions of the main address which will go direct to a Regional Meeting or AYM Committee. They take the form of: (they are NOT case sensitive) where the abbreviation is shown in these pages.

This means that if you type www.quakersaustralia/CRM in your web browser address bar you will go direct to the main Canberra Regional Meeting page; if you type www.quakersaustralia/BhL you will go direct to the main Backhouse Lecture Committee page.