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Yearly Meeting 2020

04 July, 2020 to 10 July, 2020

YM2020 will proceed as a Virtual Yearly Meeting. New forms of using online techniques will be used. We shall try to make the replacement a good substitute, which builds a sense of community, allows learning and sharing and enables business to be progressed.
Click on this link to register for YM2020 (at no cost!).
Yearly Meeting 2020 was due to be held at the Avondale University College , near Lake Macquarie between Sydney and Newcastle, between 4 July and 10 July 2020. The new event , offered through Zoom technology, will focus on these same dates. The details are in progress!
There will be no cost to participate, although there is a registration form we ask Friends to complete to indicate their intention to join in some or all of YM activities online.
There will be tutorials and assistance with Zoom technology provided beforehand.
The James Backhouse Lecture, Seeking Union with Spirit: Experiences of Spiritual Journeys given by Fiona Gardner of Victoria Regional Meeting, may be streamed via the internet, or some other way, on Monday 6 July at 7:15pm.
Of course, all Quakers world-wide are facing similar challenges and opportunity. We plan to make use of wisdoms that are being discovered by others, and add them to our own creativity.
Go here for more details.

AYM Secretary