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Yearly Meeting 2020

04 July, 2020 to 10 July, 2020

Yearly Meeting 2020 will be held at the Avondale College of Higher Education, near Lake Macquarie between Sydney and Newcastle.

Two previous yearly meetings have been held there (2004, 2018). We have enjoyed the very good facilities of the college which is owned by the Seventh Day Adventist Church.

YM2020 will be hosted by Canberra Regional Meeting. Canberra Friends are pleased to have such a good venue, yet disappointed that the possible venues in and close to Canberra are booked for other purposes, or are not suitable for our purposes--we enjoy showing off our city!

Registration: Registration for YM2020 will be open early February. Be sure to check on the YM2020 website (see link below)!

Travel: Avondale is well served by the trains that run to Newcastle at frequent intervals, so access from Sydney is easy. Train and bus take around 3 and a half hours, driving one and a half hours.

Catering: We know that Avondale catering is top class, providing vegetarian food of wonderful variety. They will also provide meaty meals to those who have a need for that, all in their spacious dining room, or the al fresco tables.

Weather: Our ability to control the weather is limited (not a political statement!), but Avondale has mild weather, so will enjoy some sunshine. And when you need a break from the fun and serious of YM, there are several good coffee shops a short walk away.

Accommodation: The buildings are heated comfortably. The facilities for meeting, small groups, chatting and hanging out are great. Our young people will be well provided for. Accommodation is mostly in single rooms, with some two-person rooms available. Each building has a lounge or two for our use.

Of course, we will establish and continuously update the YM2020 website (part of the site). This will help us have current information at our fingertips, and save some trees.

2020 Backhouse Lecture: The James Backhouse Lecture will be held onsite.
To go to the YM2020 website, click here.

582 Freeman's Drive
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