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Yearly Meeting 2021

03 July, 2021 to 09 July, 2021


Yearly Meeting 2021 will be an online virtual event, hosted by Victoria Regional Meeting.

UPDATE 27 April 2021: The Yearly Meeting 2021 Book is now available here: Head to this page to register for YM and to find the calendar.

Please check the Calendar for regular updates regarding the entire YM21 events schedule:


Explanatory Sessions: During the month of April these online meetings will  be held by AYM Committtees which have Part B: Items for Consideration in their Reports in Documents in Advance 2021. The Sessions are to help Friends be better informed about the matters for consideration, in preparation for discussion at regional meetings held during May and June 2021.


Sessions scheduled thus far:

     11 April: Handbook Revision Committee:

     13 April: QPLC (Quaker Peace and Legislation Committee) Explanatory Session:

     14 April: Climate Crisis & Species Extinction Working Group:

     17 April: Child Protection Committee Explanatory Session:

      21 April: Canberra and Region Quakers (CRM): 

     26 April: Review of Standing Committee Report Explanatory Session:

     28 April: Child Safety & Other Safety Concerns Working Group Explanatory Session:

     29 April: Climate Emergency & Species Extinction Working Group Explanatory Session:

(Image credit: Laura Barry)

Victoria Regional Meeting Clerks
Convener YM21 Host Committee - Sieneke Martin