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Yearly Meeting 2022

02 July, 2022 to 10 July, 2022


Once again YM will be online. Whereas YM20 and YM21 was designed purely for individual participation, YM22 envisages that some people will want to travel to another centre to join Friends there for participation in YM online. This may allow some visitation for those whose local rules permit this.

Because doing everything online is inherently tiring, we have made a decision to extend the duration of YM22 to 9 days. We recognise that Friends may well choose not to participate in all activities, and the design hopes to take account of this.

Briefly, it goes like this:

- 1-22 MAY: Preparatory and Explanatory Sessions will be held online 

- 2-4 JULY: 3 days of the introductory activities (welcomes, some formal sessions, etc)

- 5-7 JULY: 3 days of sessions which will promote community, reflection, learning (including many of the Share & Tells). We reason that where Friends are getting together, they may choose some local out-and-about activities during this time. 

- 8-10 JULY: 3 days focused on business. (Formal Sessions) 
This will allow the possibility for more Formal Sessions, but the overall pace will suit our energy levels, provide opportunity to build community, worship and share together.

Home Groups will be a feature of this YM. Some Friends will have experienced Home Groups in previous gatherings. Doing these in an online setting will be very novel, and call for some innovative thinking.

For those who like information presented visually, here is a diagram that shows this information. (Click this link).

REGISTRATION: Formal registration to attend YM22 will be required. A registration form will be available soon


YM Organising Committee