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This is a place for Friends from the AYM office, and perhaps sometimes others, to share reflections.


The Jeremiah Peace (Feb 2023)

Ask any stranger what they know about Quakers, and they’re likely to respond with something about peace. They might even say that Quakers are pacifistic. But that word is an oversimplification and inaccurate.


A People (Jan 2023)

"What makes Quakers in Australia a people?"


Evidence of Children (Jan 2023)

"Not every Quaker meeting has children literally within its four walls. But no Quaker meeting has an absence of children."


Starting With Dying (Dec 2022) 
Because I’ve worked with many groups of Friends internationally, it’s easy for me to see each one’s relative strengths. I think of these as the spiritual gifts of the community. One of the strongest gifts I see among Australian Friends is death. I know, I know, that’s a funny thing to write front and center..."