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Quakers Australia AGM and mini-Yearly Meeting - January 2024

Yearly Meeting in January 2024 will be held from Friday 19th January to Sunday 21 January 2024

We joyfully invite you to an innovative weekend of Yearly Meeting activities happening via Zoom from Friday, January 19th to Sunday, January 21st, 2024. Join us and our esteemed Presiding Clerk, Bruce Henry, along with our dedicated Quakers Australia Coordinator, David Tehr, for meaningful discussions, reflection, celebration and communal decision-making. This gathering is a wonderful opportunity to connect, share in our journeys, and collectively envision our future. Your presence will add to the depth and richness of our community’s experience.

See also this page January Yearly Meeting 2024 - JanYM24 | Australia Yearly Meeting (

More details to come soon...

Here is a DRAFT JanYM24 program outline. 23 Nov 2023 draft.pdf (as of 23 Nov 2023)

Here is a link the Timetable.  (please note just under the date at the top 19 Jan 2024 you can put the calendar into your own time-zone)