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Yearly Meeting

Members of a Regional Meeting are automatically Members of Quakers Australia, and all are welcome to gather at our Annual Meeting which is held in different parts of Australia in July.

Yearly Meeting 2019

Yearly Meeting 2019 will take place at The Friends' School in Hobart Tasmania, from 6 - 13 July 2019, hosted by Tasmania Regional Meeting.  

Yearly Meeting 2018

Yearly Meeting 2018 was recently held at the Lake Macquarie Campus of Avondale College at Cooranbong NSW from 7 - 14 July 2018. 
We invite you to read the 2018 Epistles written during the week, and read on the final day of our gathering.

                                       Yearly Meeting 2018 Epistle to Friends Everywhere

        Yearly Meeting 2018 Children's Epistle                         Yearly Meeting 2018 Junior Young Friends Epistle


Yearly Meeting 2017

Read the Yearly Meeting 2017 Epistles from Yearly Meeting, held in Adelaide South Australia, 6 - 13 July 2017.


About Yearly Meeting

There are usually 200 to 400 people of all ages at the gathering, which lasts a week. It considers the business brought forward from Regional Meetings and the National Committees as well as hosting programming for children and other young people. There is also a spiritual development program called "Winter School", and many other opportunities for Quakers to share their interests and concerns.

Everyone - Members, Attenders, Young Friends, Junior Young Friends and younger children - comes together at the closing Meeting for Worship on the final day of Yearly Meeting. The year epistles (letters composed as summaries of the Yearly Meeting experience) from the Yearly Meeting, Young Friends, Junior Young Friends and the younger children. These epistles reflect shared experiences, decisions made, friendships renewed, and times shared together. These epistles are then forwarded to a range of Yearly Meeting with whom we have some relationship.


Documents in Advance and Documents in Retrospect  

  • Before Yearly Meeting, Documents in Advance (DIA) are published in print form and online and available for Members and Attenders to read. These documents include reports on the work undertaken by the varying committees of the Society, and from these, issues arise which need a decision. Meetings are invited to discuss the issues raised, and the feedback from each Regional Meeting is collated and displayed to all Friends at Yearly Meeting. In this way, members who cannot be at Yearly Meeting can still participate in the decision-making.

  • After Yearly Meeting, Documents in Retrospect (DIR) are published, again in print form and online. In this way, all Members are kept informed about the issues that are being considered within the Society in Australia and decisions that may affect them.



For more information about Yearly Meeting in Australia, contact:

AYM Secretary
0423 308 550

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