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Australia Yearly Meeting 2022 - Registration is open!

Yearly Meeting 2022 Begins in May

It is helpful to think of Yearly Meeting as beginning in May this year, with the holding of:

  • Explanatory Sessions and Preparatory Sessions scheduled during the month of May
  • All Committees and Working Groups that have a Part B in their Reports will hold a Preparatory Session
  • Some Committees without a Part B may choose to have an Explanatory Session for Friends
  • Preparatory and Explanatory Sessions will be held during the month of May, prior to the YM week, to reduce the load on the July week. Find all the information you need on our website, click HERE.
  • Documents in Advance 2022, with all Committee and Working Group Reports, is available on the YM website HERE (you need to be signed in to the website, to access this document).


Whether you plan to attend most of YM22 or some of Yearly Meeting, it helps to know who is coming. This will allow us to contact you with updates, changes or news, and also to plan and organise some elements of YM (such as Home Groups and Share & Tell). Register here:


The website contains a draft of the TIMETABLE for YM22 which is constantly being updated! Draft timetable is available here. We would still like to have more activities, especially in the spiritual, social and community domains. Please think about what you might offer, perhaps for a small group. The Registration Form gives you a chance to make such an offer.

Friendly School

The theme for Friendly School this year is "Caring for Humanity in Interesting Times". This theme is an opportunity to share your experiences and concerns for life. Friends who are willing to facilitate a group relating to this theme, on Sunday 3 July 11.30am - 4.30pm AEST, are invited to contact the organisers Michael Griffith ( or Rose Griffith (

Home groups at YM 22

This year there will be Home Groups. Each is a group of eight or so people, a consistent group during the whole of YM, which will meet each day. We hope this will build community, share ideas, increase spiritual connection, and deepen our Quaker connection.

Pods for YM22 and Inter-Visitation

We encourage everyone to think about the possibilities of going to visit another cluster of Quakers. Perhaps your neighbouring Meeting, perhaps further afield. YM online/hybrid is designed so that it can accommodate groups of Friends gathered in each others’ company, as well as individuals at their own screen. We hope this opens the possibility of inter-visitation (Covid rules permitting).
Read more about how to run a pod (including the technology) here.

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