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Australian Quakers sign on to The Glasgow Multi-Faith Declaration for COP26

The Glasgow Multi-Faith Declaration for COP26 has been crafted by representatives of the Scottish Religious Leaders' Forum along with faith representatives from the United Kingdom. It was initially been signed by a diverse range of Scottish and UK-wide religious communities and then expanded to seek signatures from faith communities, local interfaith groups and people of faith from across the UK and globally. The hope is to garner thousands of signatures to the petition to present at the COP26 Climate Summit.

Ann Zubrick, Presiding Clerk, has signed on behalf of Quakers in Australia.

The declaration asks world leaders and politicians at the COP26 Summit in Glasgow to:

  • commit to the agreements made at the Paris Summit in 2015
  • commit to working together to ensure the continuation of life on earth
  • commit to climate justice for all
  • listen to the voices of ordinary people everywhere who are crying out for real, visionary, and immediate climate action

Read the Glasgow Multi-Faith Declaration for COP26


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Friday, 15 October 2021 - 3:53pm