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The COP25 of Sharpened Knives and Damage Control

Reflecting on what happened at COP25, Lindsey Fielder Cook (QUNO) wrote that "the Paris Agreement is a framework for action, and its potential strength lies less in the two weeks of negotiation wrangling than in the ever-increasing voice of people to hold themselves and their decision makers accountable for insufficient action. The unprecedented rate of rise in global temperature, ocean acidification, species extinction, and land degradation are happening for a reason. Transforming the root causes of climate change, and our social, political and economic systems which drive it, begins at home."

QUNO was present at the UNFCCC Conference of Parties (COP25) in Madrid, Spain from 27 November to 15 December. QUNO’s focus was on supporting the central negotiations, mechanisms for response measures, loss and damage, and the Local Communities and Indigenous Peoples Platform. At COP25, we launched The Government Official's Toolkit - 2020 edition, and distributed a leaflet on Rights-Based Approaches to Climate Action to negotiators and civil society actors alike. QUNO continues to support the international climate change negotiations by engaging groups and individual negotiators through quiet diplomacy to ensure that climate action is effective, fair, and ambitious. Lindsey, and Programme Assistant Detmer Yens Kremer also spoke at press conferences regarding interfaith organizing.

Lindsey shares her experiences and perspectives at COP25 in The COP of Sharpened Knives and Damage Control.


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