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NEW! QPLC Watching Briefs keep us informed

The AYM Quaker Peace and Legislation Committee has prepared two new Watching Briefs to keep Australian Quakers informed about global issues. 

Australian Defence review Nov 2019 - Watching Brief 20-2 (January 2020)

Summary of the recent Australian Defence review published in November 2019, and Quakers' response to ongoing geopolitical instability.

UNHRC Sept 2019 meeting - Watching Brief 20-1 (January 2020)

Summary of Australian submissions on a range of human rights issues to the UN Human Rights Commission meeting, Sept 2019.

To read all the QPLC Watching Briefs and Action Alerts visit the Quaker Peace and Legislation Committee page. (Image credit: European Commission)

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Wednesday, 29 January 2020 - 3:49pm