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As Quakers we seek a world without war. We seek a sustainable and just community. We have a vision of an Australia that upholds human rights and builds peace internationally, with particular focus on our region. In our approach to government we will promote the importance of dialogue, of listening and of seeking that of God in every person. We aim to work for justice and to take away the occasion for war.


This new Watching Brief from QPLC brief outlines the range of activities undertaken by the United Nations at its 75th anniversary and the involvement and support provided to the UN within Australia and globally.

The opening of the 75th General Assembly of the United Nations on 15 September, marks an appropriate occasion to reflect on the UN and the work it has done and continues to do. The UN is often criticised and challenged as not being effective and yet we often are not aware of, or forget, the range of activities that the UN is engaged with.

  • UN75 in 2020 is a year of dialogue within and across borders, sectors and generations.
  • To hear from as many people as possible, the UN75 website includes a one-minute survey, toolkits for dialogue, issue briefs, the UN Future Possibilities Report and up-to-date news and events:


You can read the full Watching Brief on the Quaker Peace and Legislation Committee page here



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