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QPLC: "NO AUKUS" Weekend of National Action, 9-11 December

AUKUS with details of UK, Australia and USA flags used in letters
Read the new QPLC Action Alert regarding the "NO AUKUS" WEEKEND OF NATIONAL ACTION to be held 9-11 December 2021, to protest the AUKUS agreement:

Friends may remember that QPLC was one of the like-minded organisations which signed a letter endorsing a national meeting to discuss the possible formation of a broad-based national coalition/movement campaigning against the Australia-UK-US trilateral security pact, nuclear submarines and the march to war. 

A well-attended online preliminary meeting of organisations and individuals from across Australia was held on 7 November. An interim decision making group is sifting through the notes of small group discussions on a range of topics and plans to hold another national meeting in January 2022. 

One decision that was enthusiastically endorsed at the November meeting was a weekend of nation wide activities on 10-12 December 2021. This weekend also marks the 19th anniversary of the national rallies opposing the war on Iraq. 

Friends are encouraged to organise or join local activities for this weekend to send a clear message of opposition to AUKUS, nuclear subs and the march to war. 

Read the full ACTION ALERT here, and of various actions being planned in locations around Australia.


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