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Quaker Earthcare Epistle on Climate Emergency & Species Extinction

Quaker Earthcare Epistle on Climate Emergency & Species Extinction, Yearly Meeting 2019, Hobart

  • This Epistle arises from Australian Friends’ concern about our own –and others’ – further response to key environmental crises. 

  • We balance the outer urgency of these darkened times with the necessity of inward listening to the Light.

The space between these many words of our Earthcare Epistle are for the silent-soundless-voiceless ones who hold us all in the vast complex matrix of Life.  If you find your quiet disturbed by this call for Friends and others to change our language and action, please note the clear need for kindness to self and all others is a soft insistence – we want you to be well in all ways, along with our planet.   We are together finding friendship and new ways of being.

Friends may find it useful to read this Epistle within Meeting in three parts over several weeks, allowing time for the journey: a lament for the world as it has become, a need to reconnect with our source, and practical ways forward.

You will find the Epistle (click here) at the top of the Earthcare Committee page.



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