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Quakers speak out about award given to opponent to equality of LGBTIQ Australians

Quakers Australia's Presiding Clerk has signed a public statement regarding the recent awarding of the Order of Australia to an opponent to the equality of LGBTIQ Australians:


28 January 2021

The Council of the Order of Australia’s decision to recommend our nation’s highest honour for someone who opposes the equality of LGBTIQ Australians is deeply troubling.

Quakers have advocated for equality over many centuries, most recently during the 2017 postal vote by supporting the equal right of LGBTIQ people to be married.

Australian Quakers celebrated their first same-sex marriage in 2007, a decade before it was legal.

It is clear from the results of the 2017 postal vote that the majority of Australians affirm the equality of LGBTIQ people.

Our thoughts are with all Australians that our country has failed to honour with the simple recognition of their equality, including the people of Australia’s First Nations and LGBTIQ Australians.

Ann Zubrick
Presiding Clerk

(Image credit: Bristol Friends Peace Garden)


You can find the Statement on our Public Statements page here.

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Thursday, 28 January 2021 - 4:12pm