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Update for Friends during the Coronavirus Disruption

Updated Monday 30 March 2020

We are posting here ongoing updates on decisions and resources to support Friends and their local meetings in caring for one another and their neighbours during this health crisis. This page will be updated as news and resources become available.



  • Yearly Meeting 2020 Gathering: YM2020 will go ahead to the maximum extent possible but will not have a traditional gathering. New forms of using online techniques will be tried. We shall try to make the replacement a good substitute, which builds a sense of community, allows learning and sharing and enables business to be progressed. Read more here (You need to be signed in to the website to read this complete update.)
  • Silver Wattle Quaker Centre: Silver Wattle Quaker Centre will be closed until 7 April at least. Contact for more information.
  • 2020 Easter Family Gathering at Silver Wattle has been cancelled. Click here for more information. In response to the Covid-19 epidemic some changes will be made to the planned Easter Family Gathering at Silver Wattle. Firstly, it will not require you to travel to Silver Wattle. Instead, Easter Family Gathering will take place on the platform and be available to anyone with internet access. Information on how to register for either one day or all three days will be circulated next week. For information contact Lucy at or Gina at
  • The Quaker Shop (Adelaide, South Australia) will close until further notice, from Monday 23 March. "Most of our volunteers are in the high risk category, and we must look after them."
  • QSA (Quaker Service Australia): Due to the current health situation, the QSA staff and volunteers are not in the office as much as before, so please email your questions or comments to, and they will respond, though it may take a few days for this to happen. 
  • Accommodation bookings will not be possible at Quaker Cottage (Woodford) until the end of May, and possibly longer depending on how the situation unfolds.
  • Devonshire Street Local Meeting is closed for both room and hall bookings until this crises is over and it is safe to resume normal business.


  • Canberra Regional Meeting:  Join at or before 9.45am, Meeting begins at10am. Zoom link is For support, contact Michael Searle ( or 0428630691) 
  • New South Wales Regional Meeting:  Katoomba Worshipping Group on Thursdays at 2.00-3.15pm on Zoom link; Northern Rivers Local Meeeting (Lismore) on Sundays at 10am on Zoom link; Wahroonga Local Meeting on Sundays at 9.30am via Zoom link (join at 9.15am please)

  • Queensland Regional Meeting: Every Sunday, you can join anytime from 9.30am (Queensland time). Meeting for Worship begins at 10am, concludes at 11am at Zoom link
  • South Australia/Northern Territory Regional Meeting: Adelaide Local Meeting Meeting for Worship on Sunday March 29, will be at 11:00 Adelaide time. (Timing for subsequent Meetings for Worship can be established at the close of this first virtual Meeting). Go to the Zoom link:; Eastern Suburbs Local Meeting will meet at 10.00am on Sunday for Meeting for Worship, hosted by Topsy Evans at Zoom link 
  • Tasmania Regional Meeting Hobart Meeting for Worship, join 9:40am, starts 10am, ends 11am. Join on Zoom link West Tasmania (but all welcome) Meeting for Worship via Zoom will take place every Sunday at 10.30am.

  • Victoria Regional Meeting: All Meetings will not be meeting face-to-face for the time being. See the VRM webpage for updates. However, you are welcome to join these online meetings using Zoom: Northern Suburbs Local Meeting: Join from10.20am, Meeting for Worship begins at 10.30am, ends 11.15am. Join on Zoom link

  • West Australian Regional Meeting (WARM) will be holding its first state-wide online zoom MfW (Meeting for Worship) this coming Sunday 29 March. MfW itself will begin at 10am Perth time and finish around 11am. From 11:30am, Henry Esbenshade will be giving a presentation about QSA (Quaker Service Australia) which all fFriends are invited to attend online. From the close of MfW at 11am until the start of Henry's presentation, there will be an open opportunity for fFriends across WARM (and indeed, across the world) to chat with each other online informally. The link itself will be open from 9:45am, 15 minutes before MfW begins. We invite all fFriends to arrive early so that we can settle into this sacred online experience. Please click this link on Sunday to join us: 




Online Meetings for Worship

  • The Australia Yearly Meeting for Worship via Zoom is now a weekly event during the COVID-19 disruption (rather than once a month as it previously had been), as some F/friends may feel uncomfortable gathering in a group. You can join either by computer or phone, Details are available on the webpage:
  • The FWCC-AWPS Section Meeting for Worship Online is held every week on Thursday 6pm AEST (Sydney time). You can join via this Zoom link:
    Contact Michael Searle for details at or visit the FWCC-AWPS website.
  • Silver Wattle Quaker Centre offers online Meeting for Worship. Contact Sheila Keane at for information.
  • Woodbrooke Study Centre (UK Friends) offers a 30-minute online worship every Wednesday, Friday and Sunday. NOTE: Woodbrooke expects demand for online worship to be high as a result of the COVID-19 disruption. Please be patient as large numbers may affect their norma practices.
  • Pendle Hill Quaker Study and Retreat Center: You can join for worship, 8:30-9:10 am any morning. (which would be 7.30pm Sydney time, the following day) A handful of Pendle Hill residents gather each day in the Barn, continuing the 90-year-long tradition of daily worship.  This week, PH started an experiment of opening the circle of worship to others via Zoom by clicking here.



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