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World Quaker Day

How will you Celebrate World Quaker Day?

Friends World Committee for Consultation invites you to join Quakers around the world on 7 October for World Quaker Day, in its 5th year.  The theme, Crossing Cultures, Sharing Stories draws us into our shared experience of worship, celebrating our wonderful diversity of expression.


Greetings from Gretchen Castle, General Secretary of the World Office of Friends World Committee for Consultation:

"Church to church, meeting to meeting, country to country, and section to section, we feel the power of God collecting us into a faithful family. We welcome all expressions of Quaker worship! Ideas about how to work with the theme can be found on the World Quaker Day website. Whatever you do as a worshiping community, we hope you will share this with others through FWCC.  It can be very simple – a description, a poem, a short video from a mobile phone, a few photos – we will post them on the World Quaker Day website so that you can see what other churches and meetings were doing on the same day."

Please take time to browse this map of Quakers around the world--all 400,00 of them!

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