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Quaker World Connections Committee

The purpose of this committee is to promote the work of Friends World Committee for Consultation  (FWCC) and in particular the Asia West Pacific Section (AWPS) among Australian Quakers. We also provide a connection to other Quaker bodies which are not affiliated with FWCC.


To promote the work of FWCC and AWPS among Australian Quakers

To identify Concerns of Australian Friends that warrant QWCC’s attention, and bring those matters to either Standing Committee or Yearly Meeting for endorsement

To bring items of interest, such as  projects for support, to the attention of Quaker Service Australia

To discern Australia Yearly Meeting’s representation at AWPS and FWCC meetings

Within Australia, Australia Yearly Meeting has a national committee (QWCC) to support Quakers in the Asia West Pacific Area (AWPS) and also to link with the world wide Quaker community through Friends World Committee for Consultation (FWCC) and beyond. See for FWCC news. 

This committee consists of one Friend representing each Regional Meeting and either one or two Young Friends. Each representative serves for up to four years, with two RM terms rolling over at each YM. Other members ex officio are: the Presiding Clerk and AYM Secretary, and any Australian office-holder within the structure of FWCC internationally.