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The Spiritual Roots of Quaker Ways 27 July - 18 October

27 July, 2020 to 18 October, 2020

Mon 27 July – Sun 18 October: Woodbrooke and AWPS are offering a study program, The Spiritual Roots of Quaker Ways.
This is an exciting new project developed by Woodbrooke Quaker Study Centre in partnership with FWCC Asia-West Pacific Section and presented by Woodbrooke tutor Stuart Masters.
It will explore the spiritual roots of Quaker practices and concerns. When we understand the founding vision of early Friends, we can trace how the Quaker way has changed over time and consider our own experiences as Quakers today.
The program is made up of four modules. Each module includes two recorded presentations, backed up by written resources, and is rounded off with a live online webinar meeting. You may choose to meet in groups to share your responses, reflections and questions in preparation for the webinars. I hope we will form a study group in Canberra.
There is no cost to sign up - Friends are invited to make a donation. More information on the AWPS website.  Stuart has made a short video to introduce the program.
To sign up contact: Ronis Chapman


Ronis Chapman -