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Suite of governance documents for NSWRM

The following set of documents provides a governance framework for the NSW Regional Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers). If you wish to discuss them, please contact the NSW Regional Meeting clerks at

A. General Background documents
  1. The Handbook of Practice and Procedure in Australia  is our guide. This includes our AYM Policies.
  2. The rules of our incorporated association are contained in the NSWRM Constitution: FINAL_ Constitution The Religious Society of Friends Quakers New South Wales Regional Meeting Inc.pdf
  3. We are required to follow the good governance guidelines of the Australian Charities and Not for profit Commission (ACNC) available here.
  4. All members, attenders, employees and volunteers must abide by the Code of conduct_Final.pdf.
B. Managing our risks
  1. Our Risk Managment Plan identifies possible risks and how to limit our exposure.
  2. We have a detailed overarching NSW Quakers Regional Meeting OHS Management System including a number of template forms for local adaptation and printing:

             a. Monthly Meeting House Inspection Checklist
             b. Induction Checklist
             c. Contractor WHS Standards Agreement
             d. Contractor Register

             e. Hazard Report Form
             f.  Incident Report Form
             g. Annual Evacuation drill report
             h. Job Safety Analysis 
              i. Safe Work Procedure 
j. Staff Meeting Minutes

    3. Preventative maintenance schedules exist for:
             a. Devonshire Street LM   
             b. Wahroonga LM 
             c. Blue Mountains LM 

    4. Evacuation plans exist for:
             a. Devonshire Street LM: SH-UpperHall_Final.pdfSH-LowerHall_final.pdfSH-WardensNorth_final.pdfSH-WardensSouth_final.pdf
             b. Wahroonga LM Evac Plan
             c. Blue Mountains LM Evac Plan

C. Meetinghouse Usage
  1. Guest Accommodation Guidelines are designed to minimise risk to guests and the NSW RM.
  2. Venue Hire Guidelines are designed to minimise risk to the NSW RM and those using our meetinghouses.
  3. We ask any Local Meeting considering leasing space to a tenant (whether a residential or office tenancy) to use the information on the NSW Fair Trading website.
D. Employment and Volunteers
  1. Legally speaking, anyone who does anything for Quakers is a volunteer. See the NSW RM Volunteers Policy

           a. NSWRM-approved role descriptions exist for Clerk, ElderOverseer, TreasurerNominations Committee, Librarian and Membership Secretary.

           b. All roles listed above are legally classed as volunteers and are bound to follow the NSWRM Volunteer Policy.
           c. The Volunteer Guidelines are particularly important for volunteer meetinghouse wardens, as there are minimum standards which must 

               be followed in order to classify their work as 'voluntary'. Otherwise, regardless of what we call them, they are legally employees.     

     2.  Our Employment Policy applies to contractors, casual, part-time and full-time employees.  
           a. There is a Sample Employment Contract which can be adapted locally. Contracts should be clear whether the employee
               is the RM or the LM.  

E. What RM office holders need to do to meet our legal obligations
  1. Compliance Table detailing all of our legal responsibilities. The table includes advice for each NSW RM Office holder as to which aspects
    are their particular resonsibility.
  2. Our Handover Checklist for Office Holders provides guidance for the transition when a new person takes on an office holder's role.