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Grace Geraldine Brown Request

The Grace Geraldine Brown Bequest

Supporting individuals in need

The Grace Geraldine Brown bequest has funds available to assist people in SA/NT in financial need to make positive changes in their lives. While Grace Geraldine Brown was particularly interested in helping non-smokers and non-drinkers, others may also apply.

Fill in your application for funding here.

You will need to be explicit about the exact change you wish to make and how that will help you to live a better life. You will also be required to provide an estimate of your expenses and eventually to give a report on the resources you used, the activities you engaged in, the outcomes that resulted, and an acquittal of the funds provided. We are keen to support activities which will result in ongoing change (eg vocational courses) rather than providing short-term patching up of emergency situations (eg unpaid bills).

If you would like to know more, contact our clerk who will pass your enquiry on to the Grace Geraldine Brown Bequest Committee. In any case, we will contact you after we receive your application