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Tasmanian Friends Earth Care Working Group

Welcome to the Tasmanian Friends Earth Care Working Group


We work to discern, bear witness and act on our convictions to halt the degredation of the earth


We meet on the third Monday of the month at 2.30. This is the link to the meeting.

”Perhaps the impatient voices among us are Spirit-led. For that matter, how do we know that God herself is not impatiently rolling her eyes when she hears another call to “season” something until next month’s or next year’s meeting? Why do we seem to assume that the frequently heard statement “I do not feel led” is a sign of responsible, careful discernment, as opposed to a sign of unwillingness to listen? But I wonder, could it be that our mechanisms of discernment are acting as overly powerful brakes on Spirit-led impulses? Could it be (as one Friend put it) that we are deifying Quaker process: elevating the architecture of decision making over the call of Spirit to help heal this beautiful, bleeding world? Before demanding a long process of discernment, or running a modest idea through a gauntlet of committees and checkpoints, could we just say, “Yes! Give it a try! What do you need to bring that idea to life in our meeting?” Could we do as Henry Cadbury suggested: stop consulting the seed catalogue; get on with planting our garden; and see what comes up? If it is weeds, we will know it. We can then take action as needed.” Kat Griffith, member of the Winnebago Worship Group in east central Wisconsin and works with Quaker organizations at the local, regional, national, and international levels. Formerly a homeschooler and teacher, she is now pretty much a full-time volunteer activist and writer. 

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