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Changes to meetings during Covid19 pandemic

Due to the Covid19 pandemic, many of us who are older, and particularly if we have underlying health issues, are beginning to take the precautionary step of self-isolating. This of course raises questions of how our meetings can carry on. We need to be flexible and creative, able to adapt to changed circumstances and prepared to meet in different ways and locations (for instance, on-line meetings).

Quakers have a faith which sustains us together in love and Friendship. This will still be with us when we need to meet differently. 

Meeting for Worship is important to all of us and the core of our faith. Let us hold each other in the Light at this time.

There are also a number of on-line Meetings for Worship available to Quakers and Seekers. Further information may be obtained from Bruce Henry  (

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Wednesday, 18 March 2020 - 10:19pm