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Points of Light in an Uncertain World

Spiritual Sharing on World Quaker Day weekend.

October 2,   2021

“Take time to learn about other people’s experiences of the Light  …While respecting the experiences and opinions of others do not be afraid to say what you have found and what you value”. From Advices and Queries, no.5

Points of Light in an Uncertain World

A program of activities where we can share our hopes and faith in difficult times


For further information, including Zoom links contact Bruce Henry – 0434 612 919,

Session details:

Silence, Discomfort and Spirit (Saturday, Oct 2nd, 10.30am)

In this session, a group of F/friends will come together in open worship sharing to discuss a reading chosen by one of the group. It is an opportunity for deep listening and exploring insights into the life of the Spirit. 

Poetry offering points of Light in an uncertain world (Saturday, Oct 2nd, 10.30am)

You are invited to send a poem that you love, related to the theme. Some poems will be chosen from those sent in; they will be read, and responses invited from the group. The plan is to keep the reading and discussion on each poem to around 10 mins so that we can include as many as possible within the time frame.   Places are limited.

Michael Griffith has been teaching poetry appreciation for many decades and has benefited from the spiritual insight that this work brings. He has been a long time Quaker at Wahroonga Meeting in Sydney.

Poems can be sent to Bruce Henry.

The Zoom Link will be sent to the first 15 people who contact Bruce Henry on bruce.henrym@gmail.com0434 612 919

Practising Lightheartedness (Saturday, Oct 2nd , 2pm)

Exploring experiences of laughter in our spiritual lives, with the help of a Quaker Speak video.

Sacred Storytelling and Listening (Saturday, Oct 2nd, 2pm)

This is an opportunity to share stories about Spirit which move us. Listening to our stories is just as important as the telling. Please come with an open heart and mind and a willingness to experience another person's perspective and feelings.

Trying to Live from Spirit in a Challenging world (Sunday Oct 3rd, 2pm)

A mix of shared discussion in small groups, individual contemplation and worship sharing.  

This session will be led by Fiona Gardner. Fiona works in the Social Work and Social Policy area at La Trobe University Rural Health School in Bendigo. She has been a facilitator of (Quaker) Meeting for Learning for many years and delivered the 2020 Backhouse Lecture “Seeking union with spirit: Experiences of spiritual journeys”


For further information, including Zoom links contact Bruce Henry – 0434 612 919,

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