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VRM Library and Archives

VRM Library


Victoria Regional Meeting (VRM) Library is located in the Victorian Quaker Centre, 484 William Street, West Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. It is open to people interested in learning more about Quaker history, processes and beliefs.

The library is open Wednesdays from 10:30am to 3:30pm and usually on Sundays after Meeting for Worship. 






There is a diverse range of works in the collection including: 

·      Journals and Biographies

·      Theological works

·      Pamphlets and Periodicals

·      Fiction

·      Children’s Books



The VRM Library’s online catalogue is available for browsing anywhere. 





The VRM Library collection primarily contains material written by, about, and for Quakers. The library also contains some other materials that expand understanding of matters that Quakers are active in, such as peace and non-violence, Earthcare, and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander concerns.

The Archives can be accessed by researchers on request. You can contact the Library by emailing