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Silence & Meeting for Worship

Silence and Meeting for Worship

It can be tricky to get still and silent, especially if we don't ever talk about why we do it and how we do it, and why it's important. Here are some ideas for two sessions you can share in person or online about silence and Meeting for Worship. There are also additional activites and resources.

Session One: Different kinds of quiet

Session two: What do you do during Meeting for Worship?


Follow up activities and resources

  • Draw or colour in mandalas, quietly & mindfully without talking.

  • Create a box of ‘Quaker quiet’ activities that can be used to support children attending MfW online, or having quiet time at home. This could include drawing materials, special stones, a candle, words, create this together, thinking about the things that help each person be quiet and centred.

  • Listen to a guided meditation, apps such ‘Smiling Mind’ have these for all ages.

  • Think of a phrase or word that helps with quiet and centring, make a poster or sign with this word and decorate it to hang in a quiet space.

  • Listen to a favourite piece of music - notice the pauses, the moments if quiet. What would the music be like without those pauses - it’s not just the sounds that make the music special.

  • Silence by Lemniscates:

  • Read or watch one of the books on this page, or explore the other resources and lesson ideas:

  • Peaceful Piggy meditation -