Climate Emergency and Species Extinction Working Group

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Climate Emergency and Species Extinction Working Group

This Working Group builds on the work and spirit-led influences of our concern for Earthcare, to design, develop and drive a national Australian Friends’ action plan on climate emergency and species extinction.

Climate Emergency and Species Extinction

In 2008, Australia Yearly Meeting adopted its Earthcare Statement. We found “delight in the grace of creation” and warned “we have ignored our interconnectedness with other living things.” As a Society we promised we would “seek to transform this culture of domination and exploitation....and develop a culture of caring for the planet.” We knew then that it would be required of us to “commit to the demanding, costly implications of radically changed ways of living.”

In  2019, we heard in the Quaker Earthcare Epistle 2019 of the pressing need for climate action and acceptance that concern for the environment needs to underpin all of our decisions and actions both individually and corporately. We recognised that many Friends support organisations which publicise and promote environmental change and have made dramatic adjustments to their lifestyle as a personal response. But it does not seem to be enough.

We take our share of responsibility for the global climate crisis. We resolve to mend what has been hurt. We must prepare to be both en-Spirited and practical. We draw again to the ways of Friends, seeking direction from the Inward Light, confident this way we will find the best ways forward to offer service.

In 2021, Australia Yearly Meeting laid down the Earthcare Committee, and established the Climate Emergency and Species Extinction Working Group.  We acknowledge that this is one expression of Australian Friends’ concern for Earthcare.

The Working Group will be posting resources, information and links to these webpages. 

Please contact us if you would like to receive updates to these pages and also be connected to other Friends across Australia engaged in this vital work.


Documents for YM24:

The full CESE WG report for YM24 is here: CESE WG Doc in Adv FINAL