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How the issues of Climate and Extinction are experienced by Quakers

The Australia Yearly Meeting Climate Emergency and Species Extinction Working Group has developed a short questionnaire that aims to grow our understanding of how these issues of climate and extinction are experienced, lived and hoped for in the life of our community of Quakers around the country. From this understanding will emerge our recommendations for Quakers to better respond to this crisis, both individually and as a spiritual community.

The link to the questionnaire is: 

The working group sees its task to guide and support us all through this transition, towards living more in harmony with the natural world, grounded in Quaker testimonies and values.

We would hope Friends could fill in this short questionnaire in the very near future. We are hoping a closure date of the end of January will give everyone time to respond, while allowing us time for the ensuing analysis. The form will ask for your email address, in order to send you a “received receipt.” While we are not asking for Friends’ names in the questionnaire, those who wish to share their names could simply place it at the end of the last question, as a closing salutation.  In return for their time and thoughts,  each Friend who submits the questionnaire will receive a reply email with some information and a beautiful photo for their desktop.

While the questionnaire is hosted online, the committee is aware that some Friends are not connected electronically. We hope that our correspondents and clerks will know who those people are and may arrange to help those Friends fill out an online form on someone else’s computer, or in a paper copy that the working group can transcribe.

We are sending this far and wide, hoping to engage with all AYM members, meeting attendees, and supporters of Quakers in the wider community, so please send it out through your networks also, and we apologise in advance for any cross-posting.

The link to the questionnaire is: 

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