Climate Emergency and Species Extinction Working Group

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Report of the CESEWG questionnaire to Friends on Climate Change

The Australia Yearly Meeting Climate Emergency and Species Extinction Working Group developed a short questionnaire that aimed to grow our understanding of how these issues of climate and extinction are experienced, lived and hoped for in the life of our community of Quakers around the country. From this understanding will emerge our recommendations for Quakers to better respond to this crisis, both individually and as a spiritual community.

The report of the questionnaire is being shared with Meetings and Friends across Australia.  A PDF copy of the report is also available here: Formal report to AYM on climate questionnaire.pdf


The working group sees its task to guide and support us all through a just transition, towards living more in harmony with the natural world, grounded in Quaker testimonies and values.

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Wednesday, 18 May 2022 - 12:51pm