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Werona-a place of rest

Werona - place of peace. 

In 1969 a small group of Friends and like-minded people envisaged a place for those in need of refreshment and renewal. Kangaroo Valley Friends Properties Pty Ltd was formed and a property purchased in Kangaroo Valley.  There are currently 131 shares in the property divided between Australia Yearly Meeting, several regional meetings, and a number of individuals. 

What is Werona? 

  • 52 hectares of river front natural bush and sandstone rock formations. 
  • situated in New South Wales on the Mount Scanzi Road, 3.8 kilometres from the Kangaroo Valley village  
  • Werona adjoins land belonging to the Sydney Bush Walkers. Both are wild - life refuges.
  • the property is cared for by the Werona Users Group – a small group of volunteers. Werona is maintained by payments from overnight bookings and annual donations from the Users Group and supporters of Werona. 


To provide a place for:

  • Fellowship: a gathering place for people of all ages to meet and spend time together
  • Renewal: physical, mental and spiritual
  • Recreation: swimming, wild life watching, walking, cave exploring 
  • Conservation: an appreciation of the bush and natural features of the area 


  • a basic all-purpose hut with large verandah, electricity, cooking facilities and utensils and a room for washing minus a shower.  There is a large wooden bunk area with foam mattresses for sleeping.
  • a cabin with two bunks and foam mattresses 
  • an open sided shelter area for sleeping 
  • ample area for tents
  • one self-composting toilet with marvellous views of the bush
  • suitable for individuals, families and small groups

For details and bookings Contact   or  phone 02 9716 0717.