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Yearly Meeting 2019 Information

The Frieinds' School Portico

Registration for YM2019 is now open. Register here! 

From Tasmania Regional Meeting:

                                                                           How do you nourish your spiritual life? Come to Yearly Meeting in July in Hobart

Friends in Tasmania are delighted to invite you to join us for Yearly Meeting from 6th - 13th July 2019 at The Friends’ School in Hobart Tasmania. Having hosted Yearly Meeting just three years ago, we have lots of fresh memories about what worked and what some of the challenges were and have been working to create a Gathering that will help people come together in a meaningful and accessible way.

Hobart is a beautiful part of the world and we are grateful that The Friends’ School has again offered to host Yearly Meeting. We will be meeting in The Farrall Centre and will also be serving lunch and dinner in The Farrall Centre, which will help minimise Friends' exposure to the elements and reduce some of the uphill climb.

                                                                             The Yearly Meeting 2019 Timetable can be found here.

                                                To access all the information you need while you are at Yearly Meeting, go to the YM2019 information page.

Yearly Meeting 2019 is non-residential, which means that:

  •             we will not be providing breakfast. We are able to cater for vegetarians, gluten-free and meat eaters. If you have any other dietary requirements, please register as soon as possible, so we can do our best to meet your needs. Our caterers are not able to guarantee a balanced vegan diet. While they can offer a gluten-free menu, all food will be prepared in a kitchen where food containing gluten is also prepared. There will be some capacity for self-catering (fridges, microwaves, hot water) and there are many shops and restaurants near the YM venue.
  •             Friends will need to organise their own accommodation. It may seem hard to imagine, but July is a busy time in Hobart with the Festival of Voices and Dark MOFO. Accommodation books up fairly quickly, so we encourage you to book your accommodation sooner rather than later. Having a non-residential Yearly Meeting relieves some of the burden that is normally placed on a local planning committee, and makes it more possible for Friends in Hobart to organise Yearly Meeting again so soon. There may be some capacity to organise home stay type accommodation with Friends, although many people will have already organised this informally.
  • The Backhouse Lecture for 2019 will be delivered by Jason McLeod on Monday 8th July. All are welcome to attend this event.
  • Lady Borton will be our FWCC Asia West Pacific Section Visitor at Yearly Meeting this year, and then will travel to regional meetings in Tasmania, Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland following her time in Hobart. Lady will also travel to visit Friends in Singapore before returning to Vietnam. You can read more about Lady Borton here.
  • Welcome Afternoon: We will start Yearly Meeting with a Welcome to Country. This will be held after registration, from 4.45pm-6pm on Saturday 6th July (the first day of Yearly Meeting). We hope all Friends will be able to organise their travel so they can join us for this important part of our gathering.
  • Friendly School: The theme for the YM19 Friendly School is RENEWAL and will be held on Sunday 7th July.

Please contact with any questions or go to the very helpful YM19 Registration Site where you will find more information.