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We want you to register for YM22, please

Even though YM22 is online, and can be accessed from your home, etc, and you do not have to travel to attend it, we'd like you to register.

That way, we know whom to expect at what activities, and to contact you beforehand and make sure you have the information you need; we will only be able to send such information via email, not by post.

Running a YM online does incur some costs, so we are asking for a registration payment. However, we know that money is tight for some Friends, so we do not want inability to pay to prevent anyone from registering. We will not keep any track of payments made into the bank account, so it's fine if you can't pay.

Please go to the registration form at and complete the registration form. This will take you from this website, but you will be able to return after registering.

There is a charge for registration, because even an online YM has costs in running it. We ask $50. For some people, this will be too much, for a range of reasons. Please pay what you feel led to; if that's less, or even zero, that's OK, please register and attend anyway.


Payment details

Please deposit payment at:

     Bank Australia

     Religious Society of Friends (Quakers) Australia

     BSB: 313 140

     Account: 12091523

Please put your name as the Reference in the bank deposit.

If you prefer to pay at a bank branch, you can, supplying the above information. The bank you go to might charge a fee.